There exists within the global General Aviation community a distinct lack of modern, fuel efficient engines to power existing and new light aircraft. ADEPT Airmotive identified the opportunity to satisfy this need and has designed and developed the following range of General Aviation (GA) engines for light aircraft:

  •  320T: 320HP Turbocharged engine
  •  280N: 260 – 280HP Normally Aspirated engine
  •  300R: +300HP Normally Aspirated Competition Racing engine

The ADEPT engine package will include a full firewall forward package which includes the engine management unit, lubrication, electrical and cooling systems, starter, alternators, constant speed pump and vacuum pump. The propeller is not included however we can facilitate the purchase of one from MT Propeller in Germany, our preferred supplier.

Each range of engines has the following attributes:                                           

  •  Turbocharged or Normally Aspirated
  •  Advanced Internal Combustion Technology  
  •  Light weight  
  •  Fuel efficient  
  •  Integrated PSRU  
  •  Liquid cooled  
  •  Compatible with Avgas, Mogas or Biofuel 
  •  FADEC  
  •  Advanced materials 
  •  High power density

Our competitive advantage lies in considerable weight saving, superior engine management, fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. 


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